Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Corrosion-Resistant
Made in the USA

Independently tested and found to pose no risk in MRI environments using a static magnetic field of 3-Tesla and a maximum spatial gradient magnetic field of 720-Gauss/cm or less

  • Conforms to ASTM F2503
  • Meets the requirements established by ASTM A342
Unit of Measure


Block Size c x l (mm)

N/A 13 x 200

Rows (mm)

N/A -

Trim-Length a (mm)

N/A 13

Wt (g)

N/A 45

Block Size c x l (in)

N/A 1/2 x 7-7/8

Row (in)

N/A 3 x 7

Trim-Length a (in)

N/A 1/2

Wt (lbs)

N/A .10